Teacher files lawsuit in Illinois school district that compared “whiteness” to the devil

A drama teacher at a Chicago middle school is making a stand against racist indoctrination with a lawsuit against compulsory “critical race theory” training.

Stacy Deemar is suing Evanston/Skokie School District 65 for discrimination, saying its blatantly racist training, policies and curriculum break federal law by “conditioning individuals to see each other’s skin color first and foremost, then pitting different racial groups against each other.”

Deemar’s complaint states that the district has used teacher training meetings to marginalize and discriminate against white people, characterizing them as inherently racist and privileged, and has forced teachers to pass those concepts on to students. The curriculum has also allegedly forced students to participate in “privilege walks” separated by race, compared “whiteness” to the devil, and sought to pit “different racial groups against each other,” according to the suit.

“Fostering racial identities, promoting the idea that they are in conflict, and perpetuating divisive stereotypes pits teachers and children against one another based on the color of their skin,” the lawsuit states. ” … They teach them that their whole identity comes from the color of their skin. They teach them to hate each other. They teach them not only how to be racist, but that they should be racist.”

A district spokeswoman had no comment, according to the Chicago Tribune, and said administrators have not yet seen the lawsuit, which was filed June 29 in federal court.

Intended to address perceived racism and inequity, critical race theory is causing parents to jam school board meetings in protest of what invariably turns out to be institutionalized discrimination based on skin color, imposed by radicals on impressionable children.



  1. Thankyou Christian Action! I have NOT seen this article anywhere else. It is my kids’ district and I am so glad they have been out of there for a long time already. But I fear for those innocent kids and parents who are brainwashed by these horrible people.


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