Teacher reinstated after parents complain of BLM, LGBTQ posters

School officials briefly placed Taylor Lifka, an advanced English teacher at Roma High School, on administrative leave after parents complained about the posters in her virtual classroom.Roma High School

A high school teacher in Texas who thinks it’s her job to preach leftism to her students has been cleared after parents complained about her virtual classroom’s “posters” for Black Lives Matter, illegal immigrants and deviant sexuality among her students. 

That is, it’s all good that she’s preaching her own politics to her captive audience of mostly minors.

Taylor Lifka, whose subject at Roma High School is supposed to be English but appears to be slopping over into racial, political and sexual activism, was taken off duty on Aug. 23 following complaints from parents about the interface of her online English classroom which featured a BLM poster and a rainbow flag.

Also appearing was a Spanish phrase meaning “your struggle is my struggle,” presumably referring to the struggles of mastering English grammar and literature, which may be closer to the actual job she’s paid to do.

Lifka proudly posted a screenshot of her creation on social media and was put on leave after refusing to remove the signs the day before online classes began, reported the Texas Tribune.

District officials announced Aug. 26 that she had been reinstated after a review.

“Roma ISD was happy to have the opportunity to better understand Ms. Lifka’s viewpoints and welcome Ms. Lifka back to the classroom,” the statement reads. “The district stands behind the concepts of equality and inclusivity.”

Nothing about the viewpoints of the complaining parents.

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