Texas nonprofit posts image of ‘Abortions are Magical’ holiday candles

Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund posted prayer candles with the message: "Abortions are magical."Texas Equal Access Fund

A Texas abortion-advocacy group’s Facebook post is making the social media rounds, offering a unique perspective on how something gruesome and tragic can be treated as fun and festive.

The Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund posted a photo of what appear to be prayer candles printed with the message: “Abortions are magical.” The glass candle holders also sport multicolored unicorns.

Move over, Harry Potter.

“Getting our holiday party favors ready!” the group’s post read. “Every year we honor our volunteers and make sure they get a token of appreciation at our annual holiday party.”

The TEA Fund website states its mission as providing “funding to low-income people in the northern region of Texas who are seeking abortion and cannot afford it, while simultaneously working to end barriers to abortion access.”

Abortion opponents jumped on the “absolutely sick” post, reports the New York Post.

“The TEA Fund brags about offering abortions to girls as young as 11 years old,” Daily Caller reporter Mary Margaret Olohan tweeted.

“Abortion is the violent destruction of a defenseless human child by ripping apart, poisoning, or suctioning them to death,” pro-life advocate Lila Rose told the Daily Caller.

The March for Life, which holds the largest pro-life rally in the United States every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, put out an offer to the TEA Fund.

“We’d like to extend an invitation to Texas Equal Access to the 2020 March for Life where they will hear about the beauty of life and how being pro-life is pro-woman, as well as hear the testimonies of women and men who regret having been involved in abortion,” the group wrote on Twitter.

After receiving significant backlash, the pro-choice group doubled down on its choice of language.

“Abortions are magical for most people who have them and refuting that just increases stigma around abortion,” the group explained in a separate Facebook post. “They are health care, self-care, and community care.”


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