TikTok reinstates pro-life group after ‘human error’ led to ban

A person holds a smartphone with Tik Tok logo displayed, November 7, 2019. (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

In a stark illustration of the “human errors” that conservatives deal with from social media firms and their moderators, the pro-life group Live Action had its TikTok account banned last week for allegedly breaking the group’s community rules.

Live Action’s account was reinstated only hours later and the group was told that the removal had been a mistake, a TikTok spokesperson told TheWrap.

On Jan.31 Live Action’s account was closed after they posted a 15-second video showing a young woman choosing to “be pro-life and and help save babies” rather than “be pro-abortion.” The clip cut to various baby pictures as well as written testimonials from women who thanked the organization for helping them decide against abortion.

Live Action said TikTok took the clip down and the group appealed to have it reinstated within an hour. TikTok then reportedly banned the group’s account completely on the grounds of “multiple community guidelines violations.”

Then came the reinstatement.

“TikTok is a platform for creative expression that welcomes diversity of users and viewpoints,” the TikTok spokesperson said. “Following a review, we have determined that there we no violations of our community guidelines and the issue was the result of a human error by a moderator. We apologize for the mistake and have reactivated the account.”

According to a Live Action representative, TikTok did not explain how the group had violated its rules.

TikTok’s community guidelines can be found here.

Live Action’s account has about 21,000 followers on TikTok, having joined the video app in August.


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