Transgender tells LGBT to buy some guns – Video

A transgender activist makes a chilling threat to any female who attempts to prevent him from using female restrooms or locker rooms.

Watch the full episode here.

Martin: Have you heard about this? A transgender activist going by the name of Tara Jay has issued a furious threat to anyone who dares to prevent him from using female restrooms or locker rooms. 

“It will be the last mistake you ever make,” Jay told his (yes, I miss gendering him) 2400 TikTok followers in a post that has since been deleted, wisely, of course, but too late. 

He had more to say. Let me read it to you. “If you back a wild animal into a corner, they’re going to become a dangerous animal.” 

Get that. He’s admitting he’s an animal. No argument from here. 

So he says, “If you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and Moral Majority, then you go right ahead. I dare you to try and stop me from going into that woman’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make.” 

How could we fathom that we now live in a society where men will murder a woman for wanting some privacy in the bathroom, free of men. 

The only reason this transgender should be in a female bathroom, to begin with, is so we can flush this sewage down the toilet. 

Jay also urges other transgenders and LGBT people to buy guns and join his murderous Rampage. 

“This is a call to action”, he says, “arm up, go out buy a gun, learn how to use it,” he tells other like-minded sexually confused monsters. 

Wow. Will women have to start arming themselves and wearing flack jackets to pee in the bathroom?

Using the toilet should feel different from navigating at Ukraine Battlefield.

Here’s what a former transgender, Ali London, who once lived as a Korean woman before he detransitioned, had to say, and it’s spot-on. 

“This is just another example of a biological man feeling emboldened to invade women’s spaces in the name of self-identity and threatening woman safety without any fear of repercussions.” 

Precisely. These radical transgender mobsters had no fear of repercussions. 

They can say what they like, threaten who they want, and commit violent acts against people without worrying about consequences. 

If you don’t believe me, just ask Riley Gaines, who was attacked while speaking at San Francisco State University earlier this month by a mob of transgender rights activists, and no one was ever charged, much less arrested. 

Remember, women, when nature calls, be prepared for anything, even an unexpected High Noon gunfight, just to pee.

Want to listen along with the audio version? Click below.


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