Trump flags are ripped down and burned on lawn of Montana family home

A figure, who Sheriff Gootkin said was Eric Herrera, is seen setting fire to the flags

There has been a rash of Trump-sign burning in a Montana town, proving once again the left’s predilection for crime over political debates they are no longer able to win.

The Montana Republican Party has even tweeted a warning about “the liberal mob.”

According to MailOnline, one man has been charged with criminal mischief in one incident, in which Trump campaign flags were torn down outside of a home and burned on the lawn while the family – which includes four children – slept inside.

Police said Eric Herrera was captured by a surveillance camera walking into the family’s yard in Three Forks, near Bozeman, then gathering the flags from the porch and setting them alight.

Julia and Robert O’Rourke had bought the Trump flags earlier in the day, on Aug. 23, and hung them at their home in the town of 2,000 people. The next morning they found the flags gone and a pile of ashes on their front lawn.

“It’s insane,” Julia O’Rourke told MTN News, of the trespassing and vandalism, so close to where they slept. “None of us knew! We woke up to a charred pile of flag in our yard, and had no idea.”

She said she felt violated, and that the fire could have been set even closer to the house.

“I felt that my kids’ and my life and my husband’s life were in danger. It could have easily burned my house down. There was a fire ban at the time of the burning, and as close as it was to the house, it was very eerie.”

“The liberal mob isn’t just in cities across the country, it’s right here in Montana and it’s threatening the safety of freedom-loving Montanans,” tweeted the Montana Republican Party on Aug. 28.


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