California bill will teach K-12 students to hate America

JGI/Jamie Brill/Getty Images

California, which like many states is turning its government schools into an indoctrination camp against whiteness run by leftists, is seeking to really make it official.

According to the Daily Wire, a bill before the state Senate awaiting the signature of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom would force all school districts to offer their high school students a semester-long “ethnic studies” class starting in 2025, most likely with a model curriculum that currently states the course should “build new possibilities for post-imperial life that promotes collective narratives of transformative resistance” as well as teach the students the “four I’s of oppression.”

That is, it creates a fantasy world where a white “empire” enslaved and oppressed minorities under the flag of the United States of America.

The model curriculum that would likely be imposed from bill AB 331 includes statements like these:

Include information on the ethnic studies movement, specifically the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF), and its significance in the establishment of ethnic studies as a discipline and work in promoting diversity and inclusion within higher education.”


Students will be exposed to a multitude of histories, perspectives, and cultures, with the goal of students being able to build critical analytical and intercultural communication skills; developing an understanding of geo-historical and cultural knowledge and contributions; fostering of humanism and collaboration across lines of difference; learning the value and strength in diversity; and developing a rigorous historical understanding of the development of racial and ethnic identities in the United States …

… discussions of systems of power should include both the struggles that come with being entangled and impacted by these systems, but also resistance to them. Systems of power can be analyzed using the four “I”s of oppression (ideology, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized).

Among the statements in approved course outlines is this condemnation of the United States:

Students will acquire and expand on an awareness in the value of speaking about the agency, power, and the creative genius of ethnic minorities while acknowledging the processes of slavery, colonization, discrimination, and bigotry that also color the American experience.


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