Trump Orders Academia to Cut Out the Censorship, Bullying

President Donald Trump promised to focus more attention on efforts to cut down on the "indoctrination, censorship and coercion" he says is taking place on college campuses, and he signed an executive order to that effect Thursday. (AP photo)

The Daily Mail – President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday calculated to force universities to choose between restrictive on-campus speech codes and an annual gush of federal dollars.

“If a college or university doesn’t allow you to speak, we will not give them money, it’s very simple,” he announced in an East Room signing event with conservative leaders and student activists. The Republican said students in the room “faced down intimidation, pressure and abuse” on their campuses.

“You did it because you love your country and you believe in truth, justice and freedom,” he stated. “You fought bravely for your rights, and now you also have a president who is fighting for you.”

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