Trump Still Wants Citizenship Question on Required Census Form

The Trump Administration is still trying to add a citizenship question to the ten-year census forms sent to all Americans. Questions about nation of birth and whether a citizen if born elsewhere appear on representative sampling surveys that the U.S. Census Bureau operates, that are voluntary and involve field representatives visiting random residences across the nation. (Census Bureau photo)

CBS News – The Justice Department signaled a federal judge in Maryland Friday they’re still fighting to place the citizenship question on the census, something President Donald Trump insists he wants.

They did not provide a different rationale for adding the question, which the Supreme Court insisted is necessary. U.S. District Judge George Hazel gave until 2 p.m. to explain what the administration intends to do after Trump . . . tweeted Wednesday morning his fight to keep the question.

The Justice and Commerce Departments said Tuesday the¬†census questionnaire is being printed without it. The Supreme Court ruled last week the question couldn’t move forward as-is, because the administration’s reasoning for it was insufficient.

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