Tumblr deletes millions of reblogs for promoting hate speech

Chiang Mai, Thailand - March 22, 2016: screen shot of Tumblr application showing on Asus Zenfone 2 mobile phone. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website

While the best remedy for “hate-based” ideology is open debate, which allows argument and mockery, Tumblr is taking the typical leftist action of banning any such speech from its blogging platform.

Or perhaps Tumblr, whose visibility has plummeted since its understandable 2018 move to ban pornographic blogs, appears to have decided it still has too many users.

The platform is starting a mass blog deletion to purge words and ideas that it deems too harmful to be argued about, according to Yahoo. The company said it’s removing 4.47 million posts that reblog content from nearly a thousand Nazi-related blogs it had already deleted.

Tumblr officials said that most of the hate speech posts still on its website came from those blogs, lingering as reblogs even after they’d been removed. Since the reblogs “rarely contained the kind of counter-speech that serves to keep hateful rhetoric in check” — they weren’t being used to make counter-arguments to hate speech, for instance — Tumblr decided to evaluate blogs suspended for hate speech and decide on whether mass deletion is the best course of action.

“We are, and will always remain, steadfast believers in free speech,” Tumblr said in a statement, despite the fact that its users are no longer free to speak. “Tumblr is a place where you can be yourself and express your opinions. Hate speech is not conducive to that. When hate speech goes unchecked, it eventually silences the voices that add kindness and value to our society. That’s not the kind of Tumblr any of us want.”

Increasingly, there does not appear to be a kind of Tumblr anyone does want.


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