Twitter locks out anti-abortion site over its transgender tweet

Image source: YouTube screenshot

After a man trying to transition to a woman wrote an outrageous tweet about going to a gynecologist who refused to see him as a patient, Twitter exploded with mirth:

  • “That’s because you are a MAN!”
  • “You’re playing make believe. Real doctors don’t have time for that foolishness.”
  • “You need a psychiatrist and a rubber room.”
  • “You should sue them. I can represent you because I self-ID as a lawyer. Only $10k an hour. Up front.”
  • “So a car mechanic that I got referred to literally told me today that ‘we don’t service nuclear submarines.’ And me, being me, I’m shocked.. and confused… and hurt. Are they allowed to do that, legally?”
  • “My gyno refuses to give me a prostate exam. Says I don’t need one. I’m shocked, confused and hurt.”
  • “My local art gallery refused to change the oil in my car. Can they legally do that? Should I sue?”
  • “Awww desperately seeking someone to sue again.”

Twitter has hit back at one acccount holder who commented and linked to the story, however. Anti-abortion news provider LifeSite said it’s been locked out of Twitter for tweeting: “Trans activist Jonathan ‘Jessica’ Yaniv ‘shocked … confused’ gynaecologist won’t see him”

Yaniv — born a man — made news recently after filing numerous complaints against salons in Canada that refused to wax his still-male genitalia. Last week, in a since-deleted tweet, Yaniv criticized a gynecology office that apparently refused service to him.

LifeSite said Twitter called the tweet a “violation” of “Twitter rules” and gave the outfit the option to delete the tweet and reactivate its account immediately. But LifeSite said it’s appealing the ruling, which offers no explanation regarding what rules the outfit violated.

TheBlaze on Monday reached out to Twitter for an explanation, specifically asking the social media giant if the words “Jonathan” or “him” led to LifeSite’s lockout — but Twitter didn’t immediately reply to TheBlaze’s inquiry.


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