UMC Chooses God’s Word Over Homosexual Apostasy, Blasphemies

According to sources in the UMC, it was African, Filipino and European delegates who were crucial in standing by God's Word and against homosexual, transgender and promiscuous sexual perversions. The growing global community of uncompromising Christians saved the UMC for now from an ongoing plight of apostasy plaguing USA Protestants. (UMC News photo)

The Christian Post – The United Methodist Church will maintain its official position that homosexuality is contrary to Christian teaching, in a decision following days of contentious debate over the issue.

For the past several years, the UMC has been embroiled in an emotional debate over whether to change its stance, as outlined in its Book of Discipline, labeling homosexuality “incompatible with Christian teaching.”

Delegates at the UMC special session of General Conference, representing all of the global denomination, voted Tuesday to reject a measure called the “One Church Plan,” which would have allowed regional bodies of the denomination to determine their position on homosexuality.

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