UNC Official Orders CSA Memorial Base, Panels, Taken By Night

UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt took her hatred of the south and its history to a new level after enabling the toppling and removal of a Confederate statue, Silent Sam, last year. Earlier this week she had the rest of the artistic works and statue base removed to an unknown location. (Wikipedia photo)

The Daily Mail – Hours after the last remnants of a Confederate statue were removed overnight from North Carolina’s flagship public university, the state university system’s governing board pushed out the official who ordered them gone.

UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt said Monday that she would leave at the end of the school year in May, but the Board of Governors on Tuesday made her departure effective at the end of this month.

The removal of the statue’s marble pedestal could increase pressure on the board to give up on plans to restore the monument. Folt ordered the base for the toppled statue known as ‘Silent Sam’ removed because of continuing unspecified threats, she said.

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