USC Professor Banished for Misinterpreted Comments

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In a startling affront to academic freedom and free speech, John Strauss, a seasoned economics professor at the University of Southern California, finds himself ousted from his own campus, as reported by The College Fix.


Because of a media firestorm ignited by deceptively edited video clips. Strauss, who is of Jewish descent, now faces the harsh reality of teaching remotely after footage of him criticizing Hamas during a pro-Palestinian protest was manipulated and spread online.

Let’s set the record straight.

Strauss, during a confrontation with pro-Palestinian demonstrators, criticized Hamas, labeling them as murderers. His words, “Everyone should be killed, and I hope they all are.”

The full context of Strauss’s comments reveals he was condemning Hamas as ‘murderers,’ not the Palestinian people – a far cry from the distorted narrative peddled by Instagram activists.

These accounts, supposedly representing USC students and alumni, selectively snipped his words to suggest he called for violence against Palestinians. It’s a classic case of character assassination.

This is the environment we’re seeing in universities today: a place where context doesn’t matter and where a single, out-of-context clip can derail a professor’s entire career.

Strauss has valiantly defended his remarks, asserting they were grossly misrepresented.

“Every one of them’ referred to Hamas,” he clarified, “not Palestinians as the manipulated video implies.”

And let’s not overlook the role of social media in this debacle.

Instagram accounts, supposedly representing USC students and graduates, played a significant role in amplifying this misleading narrative. It’s a classic case of cancel culture, where a mob decides someone’s fate through intentionally obscuring the truth.

Despite this, Annenberg Media reports that Strauss was sidelined on administrative leave, though still teaching via Zoom.

What we’re witnessing is a chilling example of the battle over free speech and the power of social media to distort and destroy.  And it’s yet another wake-up call to the dangers of the unchecked erosion of academic freedom in our educational system.


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