The Satanic Temple Settles Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania School District for $200,000

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The Saucon Valley School District in eastern Pennsylvania has reached a $200,000 settlement with The Satanic Temple, resolving a discrimination lawsuit backed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The settlement, which the group hails as a victory for free speech and religious liberty, mandates equal access to school facilities for the After School Satan Club.

Previously, the district, located approximately 60 miles north of Philadelphia, had permitted the use of its facilities for the club, known for its motto “Educatin’ with Satan.”

However, the district faced allegations of discrimination when it retracted this permission earlier in the year, following intense public backlash, protests, and a credible threat that prompted a one-day school closure in February.

June Everett, the director of The Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Club programming, expressed satisfaction with the resolution.

She emphasized the significance of the legal battle for the children who relished the club’s activities and assured readiness to challenge similar discriminatory policies in the future.

Central to the lawsuit was the claim of First Amendment rights infringement, as the district denied the Satanic Temple’s club the same convening rights as other religious groups, notably the Christian-based Good News Club.

A federal court supported this view, acknowledging that the denial was based on the controversial nature of The Satanic Temple’s views and community reactions.

Saucon Valley school district attorney Mark Fitzgerald refuted claims of discrimination, asserting that the district’s actions were in the interest of maintaining a safe educational environment amid threats of violence.

Despite the settlement, the After School Satan Club remains on hold, as reported by Everett to The Philadelphia Inquirer, due to the apparent disbandment of the district-endorsed Good News Club.

However, plans are underway to revive the club if the Christian group resumes activities.

Though the media repeatedly claims The Satanic Temple does not engage in devil worship, a video produced by Christian Action Network proves otherwise, showing members performing ritualistic satanic practices while shouting “Hail Satan.”


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