Western Society Grows Distrustful of Islam, Sharia, Islamic Government

Western society grows more distrustful of Islam's image as if a religion compared to Islamic sharia reality showing it to be a form of tyrannical government that is religiously adhered to and that claims dominion over all religious practice such as how and when to pray. (Reuters photo)

Christian Today – Significant numbers of Westerners do not see Islam as compatible with the values of their society, new research from YouGov revealed.

The research, conducted to coincide with the Pope’s historic visit to Abu Dhabi last month, found that Westerners tended to view other religions in a more favourable light. The study also revealed widespread concern about the possible rise of extremism in Islam.

France and Germany were the most negative in their perception of Islam, with 46 per cent and 47 per cent respectively agreeing “there is a fundamental clash between Islam and the values of society in my country.” This fell to 38-percent in Britain and 36-percent in the US.

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