Homosexual Men in Drag Ready for SC Library Event Sunday

Cross-dressing, homosexuality and transgender sexual subjects are the focus of "Drag Queen Story Hour" library events that seek to draw young children ages 2-12 to libraries across the country. The sex offender scandal only curtailed the events in Houston, Texas. (Truthfeed photo)

It is a growing movement to link homosexual men in drag with children, and to teach stories of homosexual, transgender and cross-dressing alternative sexual lifestyles.

Drag Queen Story Hour hits Five Forks Branch Library, Simpsonville, SC, Sunday. It pits the “queens” in drag against parents concerned that this is not appropriate for children.

The books are about transgender, cross-dressing and homosexual subjects told in the genre of children’s stories, as was done weeks ago at a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library event.

Self-described drag queen Brandon James read aloud from a book about a boy wanting to dress like a girl. Afterward, James said he felt affirmed and amazing because of the interaction with young children of the capacity crowd gathered to hear.

“Harmonica and Angel” lead the first ever Drag Queen Story Hour “Makeup Tutorial” at a public middle school, helping apply makeup to students at JHS 88, Peter Rouget, Brooklyn, NY, on Tuesday earlier this week. (Facebook photo)

“Jacob felt his dress surrounding him like armor; soft, cottony, magic armor,” James read. “’I made this dress, I’m proud of it, and I’m going to wear it.’ And Jacob sprinted across the playground, his dress spreading out like wings.”

What do parents of the community and who attend think of these messages?

The Christian Action Network plans to find out, on location, Sunday.

Numerous local parents say they’ll to be on hand to voice their outrage against the library for allowing the event, and at least one organized local conservative group also noted they will be there.

Favoring the event and others like it as their movement spreads across the nation, now on nearly a daily basis, are the event organizers in their Facebook announcements.

“The House of Hunty is thrilled to bring Drag Queen Story Hour to the (South Carolina) upstate,” the announcement reads.

harmonica and angel lead our first ever DQSH makeup tutorial at a public middle school

“Please join us at the Five Forks Library on Feb. 17 from 3-5 p.m., for an afternoon of fabulous queens, inspiring books, and fellowship with your amazing friends and neighbors.”

Slated for readings are Rylee Hunty, Ridley Havoc, Gigi and Princess Mocha, “our incredible queens look forward to sharing entertaining stories with you and your children.”

Additionally, not satisfied with contacting children at public libraries, the drag queen movement is adding a second arm to their event series: engagements at public schools.

Just days ago, a Drag-Queen-Story-Hour linked “makeup tutorial” took place at JHS 88, Peter Rouget Middle School, a public school in Brooklyn, NY.

“Harmonica and Angel lead our first ever DQSH Makeup Tutorial at a public middle school today,” organizers bragged on Facebook. They “lead a middle school GSA through an eye makeup tutorial.”


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