White staffers in the city of Seattle are told they are racists and oppressors

City of Seattle 'anti-racist' training/ Facebook

It has been revealed that the city of Seattle held segregated indoctrination sessions for employees in which people with white skin were portrayed as responsible for racism and encouraged to view themselves as “oppressors.”

Documents acquired by a Seattle radio host revealed what was going on in the city-sanctioned training, according to DailyMail.com. The material was obtained through a public disclosure request to Seattle’s city hall.

A three-hour “Internalized Racial Inferiority” session was held on Sept. 3 and was organized by the city-funded Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), KTTH radio host Jason Rantz revealed on Oct. 4. City staff “who identify as people of color” were encouraged to attend.

A “sister” session was offered exclusively to white workers. At this re-education camp, however, attendees learned that they are “responsible” for racism because of nothing more than the color of their skin.

The RSJI also outlined 10 “truths” that must be accepted by city employees. These “truths” include, “colonialism is at the root of white supremacy,” “Racism is based on the legal and social construction of whiteness” and “Government has a responsibility to be anti-racist.”

According to RSJI’s mission statement, available on its website, the coalition is intended “to eliminate racial and social disparities and achieve racial equity in Seattle,” apparently by physically dividing the races, and is currently endorsed by Seattle’s hard-left mayor, Jenny Anne Durkan.

The session sought to encourage people without white skin to see themselves as aggrieved victims and to target any institution that seemed to place requirements or limits on them, since all of that is racist. White workers, meanwhile were instructed to admit guilt and affirm their “complicity in racism.”

White staffers were also urged that the seminar was “a space where we can shed our ‘white tears,'” and confront feelings of “anger, self-righteousness and defensiveness” which were blamed on being white, though they are curiously similar to the reactions of oppressed people.

They were also instructed to face “fear, shame and guilt for the harm of our actions,” according to the documents obtained by Rantz.


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