YouTube sued by Steve Crowder, says ‘This is the big one.’

Steven Crowder is suing You Tube.

Outspoken conservative commentator Steven Crowder is suing YouTube over its moderation policies, which Crowder says are a thin disguise for political censorship, to which the Internet video giant will not even admit.

The same policies also recently resulted in the censorship of a Christian Action Network video featuring actor Kevin Sorbo.

Crowder revealed the impending legal action on his show, Louder With Crowder, on May 17. Crowder and attorney Bill Richmond told how YouTube has been demonetizing Louder With Crowder videos and recorded two “strikes” against the account, which brought temporary suspensions.

“As of last Thursday, May 14, my lawyer Bill Richmond and I have filed a notice of a lawsuit against YouTube and are seeking an injunction to prevent them, to stop them from currently deplatforming us,” Crowder said. “We’ve officially sent a notice of a lawsuit. Very different level – this is the big one, boys and girls.”

The Crowder account was previously locked for allegedly questioning the corruption-riddled 2020 election. Crowder noted that YouTube’s justification lacked any specific charges, and that the first and second hard strikes against his channel were similarly vague.

YouTube recently deleted a posting made by Christian Action Network that featured actor Kevin Sorbo, claiming the video violated the company’s “community standards.”  The social media giant claimed the video contained “COVID-19 medical misinformation,” though nothing in the video came close to violating any of the company’s list of 33 possible violations.

As a response, Christian Action Network reposted the video but inserted a “Censored by YouTube” banner over any content where Kevin Sorbo spoke about COVID.

“After carefully reviewing the original, unedited version of the interview, everyone at CAN was miffed as to what Sorbo could possibly have said that offended the media hosting company. Sorbo did not give any medical information about COVID whatsoever. In fact, he even agreed that in certain situations, people should be protected from exposure to the virus,” said CAN president Martin Mawyer.

“With no real guidance from YouTube as to what they wanted us to redact, we simply put the ‘mute’ button on any comment he made about the disease, but we made sure to include a large banner that read, ‘Censored by YouTube.'”


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