Ban on Confederate flags at military bases leads to ban on LGBT flags

Photo by Alberto Jorrin Rodriguez. (copyright)

Last July, the Pentagon placed a ban on Confederate flags being displayed at military installations. But the carefully worded ban was written in a way as to not infuriate President Donald Trump, who was opposed to the Confederate flag being singled out amongst other controversial flags.

As a compromise, the Pentagon decided it would list only those flags that COULD be displayed.

Permitted flags became the American flag; the flags of the U.S. states, territories and the District of Columbia; military flags and those of allies.

Ooops. The gay pride, rainbow flag was not included.

That has the LGBTQ community upset.

“We were shocked to learn DOD’s new policy on the public display of flags bans the Rainbow Pride Flag from DOD workplaces,” Coots was reported as saying in the Washington Blade.

“Banning the Rainbow Pride Flag will have the opposite effect of the policy’s intended purpose of improving morale, cohesion and readiness.”

Nonsense, of course. The so-called Pride Flag has nothing to do with increasing the moral of gay and lesbian soldiers. Instead, the LGBTQ community wants the flag shown as a representation of American “ideals” and “values”. It’s meant to be symbol of what Americans are willing to go to war, fight and die for.

Going to war over who you choose to have sex with? More nonsense.

The LGBTQ community is taking the gay pride flag ban pretty hard.

Jennifer Dane, the interim executive director for the Modern Military Association of America, went on a tirade.

“In what universe is it OK to turn an opportunity to ban a racist symbol like the Confederate flag into an opportunity to ban the symbol of diversity? This decision sends an alarming message to LGBTQ service members, their families and future recruits,” Dane said

To answer your question, Ms. Dane: This universe, that’s where it’s banned. And oh, there’s only one universe, that’s why its called UNIverse.

In this case, Ms. Dane, you witnessed a backfire in the Milky Way without the sound of a Big Bang in the universe.


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