Trans woman reverts to female long enough to harvest own eggs, have child

Worth it: Seth Marlow, 41, transitioned from female to male when he was 25 years old, but he swapped his testosterone for estrogen so his body would generate eggs again

Not only can a woman surgically masquerade as a man, thanks to medical science, but she can also convert back to being a woman long enough to harvest her own eggs before returning to the gender she prefers to be: male.

Confused? reports that Seth Marlow, 41, of Roanoke, Va., “transitioned” from female to male when she was 25 years old, assuming she was giving up the chance to have her own biological children — but when she and her wife Leah decided to start a family, Seth switched her hormone intake so that she’d once again generate eggs.

The move was made possible by the fact that despite the “transition,” he/she/Marlow remained in actuality a woman.

The couple was able to freeze several embryos using Seth’s eggs and donor sperm, and eventually one was implanted in Leah’s uterus that resulted in their four-year-old son Arlo.

Seth has opened up about the journey on the podcast Pregnantish and in an interview with the New York Post.

She explained that she’d transitioned back in 2003, having a double mastectomy and taking testosterone.

“I thought my transition had cost me my fertility and the path to a family,” she said. “I longed for — but never thought — I would have my own biological child. But, as soon as Leah and I got serious and I suggested this course of action, she said: ‘I’m in!’”

Seth says the whole ordeal took a “psychological toll.”

He gave up taking testosterone and began taking estrogen so that his ovaries would generate eggs, but the estrogen did other things to his body. She started to regain her feminine curves, and about three months in got her period for the first time in years. 

Once the eggs were extracted, fertilized by donor sperm and frozen, Seth switched back to male hormones.

The embryos were frozen for three years before Leah underwent two rounds of IVF and delivered Arlo, a six-pound, three-ounce baby boy in October of 2015.

The little boy is still too young to understand the mechanics of making a baby, but he does know that he came from his dad’s egg — and has asked his parents whether they’ll use another of dad’s eggs to give him a little sibling.

They still have 13 leftover embryos and are hoping to have another baby soon. 


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