Canadian Islamist’s Jihadist Mission: Kill Michigan Cop, Kill Others

Amor Ftouhi told a federal judge he had no regrets about killing, except that he only wished he could have acquired a machine gun to kill more, and that he wanted to commit another act of terrorism, only do it better by killing more people. (ABC News photo)

The Daily Mail – Authorities sentenced a Tunisian man with Canadian citizenship to life in prison Thursday for stabbing a Michigan airport cop in the neck as a terrorist attack. A federal court in Flint, MI, sentenced Amor Ftouhi, 53, in federal court after being convicted on terrorism charges.

Witnesses saw Ftouhi attack Lt. Jeff Neville at Flint’s Bishop International Airport June 2017, and wrestle him to the ground. Prosecutors said he told investigators his mission was to kill and be killed.

Defense lawyer Joan Morgan said Ftouhi wasn’t attempting to create mass casualties: he wanted to be killed so his family could collect life insurance, and he wanted to become a martyr.

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