Children under 7 BLOCKED from watching Peter Pan and Dumbo on Disney+

Children will need an adult with them to watch Peter Pan's adventure in Neverland

An obsession with racism continues to rampage through the entertainment industry, with censors at Disney now blocking anyone under the age of seven from watching the 1953 animated classic Peter Pan on its streaming service.

Why? Because the cartoon portrays racial stereotypes, The Mail on Sunday is reporting.

Perhaps Disney feels it should pull down its own films – like so many Confederate statues –before someone else does and can slap the dreaded racist label on the company.

Three other longtime family classics – The Aristocats, Swiss Family Robinson and Dumbo – have also been removed from children’s accounts over recent concerns about racist content.

The main reason behind Peter Pan being blocked is believed to be a Native American tribe in the movie whose members are referred to as “redskins.”

Meanwhile, the 1970 movie The Aristocats has a Siamese cat character whose slanted eyes and big teeth have been described as offensive to Asian people.

Swiss Family Robinson, which was made in 1960, has been criticized for its “yellow face” and “brown face” pirates.

Dumbo, the 1941 cartoon about a lovable flying elephant, has been accused of poking fun at enslaved blacks on Southern plantations. At one point, black workers toil away to lyrics such as, “When we get our pay, we throw our money all away.”

The decision to ban the films from children’s accounts was made by a group of external experts tasked with assessing if the content “represented global audiences.”


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