Christian Club Wins Charter, Damages Case v. Colorado University

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs agreed to pony up more than $20,000 in damages to a Christian group and to reverse their policy that made it easy for liberals to take-over and liberalize conservative and Christian clubs. (University of Colorado photo)

The Christian Post – The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs reached a settlement with a Christian apologetics student group that it previously refused to recognize, making them official and paying more than $20,000 in damages.

The university agreed to allow Ratio Christi to become a registered student club upon resubmitting an application. It also payed the plaintiffs a one-time damages claim of $20,574.

The University agreed to revise its Club & Organization Handbook to include an explanation that all student clubs can require leaders to adhere to the beliefs of their group. Ratio Christi dismissed its lawsuit against the university and amended its membership standards so non-Christians can become members and participate in its activities.

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