Christmas is not about Christ, but about Gays! Elementary school stages ‘A Rainbow Christmas’ musical

Rainbow Christmas Tree

The rainbow, once a symbol of hope and God’s love for mankind after the great flood, has come to mean something much less elevated and much less universally human: It now means having sex with people of your own gender.

And now, at least in the world of U.S. public schools … Christmas means that too.

So when a Michigan elementary school staged a “Rainbow Christmas” pageant, a number of parents became alarmed and a social media debate broke out, reported Leader Publications.

It seems parents don’t like it when other adults try to teach their children that homosexuality is as normal and fine as sexuality, setting them on a course to not have their own natural children and families.

What has followed is an outright denial by the school principal that a “Rainbow Christmas,” in which forest animals who are black and white learn to “accept” other animals who are every color of the rainbow, has anything to do with the foremost icon of homosexual culture today.

Several district parents contacted the school concerned about rainbow imagery and themes before the Dec. 6 performance. Kincheloe Principal Cathy Stone and Dowagiac Union Schools administrators had sent a letter to parents the previous week.

According to Plank Road Publishing, which sells the show to educators, black and white characters in the show refuse to let others participate.

You can guess who the “black and white” animals are: humans who have rules of morality. Attentive parents. Christians. When Santa Claus and his multi-colored reindeer show up, they school the wrong, mean and ignorant black-and-white characters about inclusivity.

“Some families have expressed concerns because of the ‘rainbow’ mentioned in the title,” Principal Stone wrote in the letter. “It is just a rainbow of color. It has no connotations for homosexuality or gay pride. We’ve also heard comments that a gay pride flag will be flown. That is untrue. For visual effects, students will be waving multicolored dancing ribbons.”

On Facebook, several parents announced that they would not be letting their kids participate due to the show’s subject matter, saying they believed the songs to be focused on race and sexuality. Some said they planned to bring the matter before the board of education.

Stone maintained that parents were reading too much into the rainbow theme of the show in connecting it with gay pride.

“That’s why we wanted to dispel that it had nothing to do with any of those kinds of things,” she said. “It’s about acceptance.”


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