Church Member Gets 10-Years in Arson, ‘Vote Trump’ Church-Vandalism Incident

The Wall Street Journal reported that the incident that the Southern Poverty Law Center fund raised as an example of a national outbreak of white supremacist hate (without ever retracting or clarifying further) has now been proven before a jury as an act of destructive fraud. (WREG photo)

The Washington Post – The Latest on a man sentenced to 10 years in the 2016 burning of a Mississippi church that was spray painted “Vote Trump” includes a prosecutor who said a church member admitted setting the African American church on fire.

. . . Washington County District Attorney Dewayne Richardson said that 47-year-old Andrew McClinton gave investigators varying accounts of setting the fire at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville.

The fire and vandalism happened a week before the 2016 presidential election . . . Richardson said McClinton was involved in illicit activities at the church, and he set the fire to prevent fellow congregants from meeting about those activities.

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