80-Percent of Global Religious Persecution is Against Christians

Research notes that in reality fully 80-percent of religious persecution world-wide is waged against Christians, including in China where the Communist government dismantles and destroys churches and crosses on a continual basis as a matter of state policy. (CBN photo)

The Christian Post – Approximately four of five people persecuted for their religious beliefs are Christians, according to an interim report prepared for the British government.

The Rt. Rev. Philip Mounstephen, Anglican bishop of Truro, which is located in the United Kingdom, prepared an interim report focused on persecuted Christians, delivering it to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office last Friday.

According to the lengthy interim report, 80 percent of persecuted believers around the world are Christians, with Bishop Mounstephen labeling it “an inconvenient truth.” In footnote number 344, Mounstephen explained that while the statistic derives from 10-year-old research by the International Society for Human Rights, it remains accurate.

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