Corporate Rainbow Fever: The World Is Becoming an LGBT Billboard

Corporate Rainbow Fever
The North Face is facing backlash for featuring drag queen Pattie Gonia in its new ad campaign ahead of Pride Month

Pride Parade: How Corporations Are Marching into Culture Wars

Has anyone else noticed how the summer months have become near-synonymous with the deluge of gay pride advertising? Of course, everyone has. How could we not?

It’s becoming one of those universal truths, like taxes, death, and a new Marvel movie every other year. You can almost set your calendar by it!

It appears as though every other retailer is tripping over themselves to pander to this increasingly vocal minority for the primary purpose of being a billboard for the LGBT. 

Corporate behemoths like Bud Light, Always, and especially Target are marching, no, stampeding into the culture wars, all in an attempt to win points with the ‘woke’ crowd.

This corporate virtue signaling isn’t just an annoyance – it’s a business disaster of titanic proportions. Just take a good hard look at Target’s Pride-themed children’s clothing line; it’s reportedly siphoned off a staggering $10 billion since its launch.

And Brian Cornell, the oh-so-enlightened CEO of Target, isn’t pumping the brakes anytime soon. Instead, he’s doubling down on their ‘woke’ ventures and its ‘tuck-friendly’ female swimwear line, ostensibly designed to provide additional coverage for men. 

Most of us buy swimwear for comfort and appropriateness, not to make fashion statements about who we have sex with.

But the madness doesn’t stop at Target. 

Now we have PetSmart throwing its hat in the ring with the “You Are Loved” collection – a surreal range of Pride-themed pet products like rainbow dog bikinis and butterfly cat leashes. 

Maybe Fido’s talents could be best used for fetching the morning paper rather than moonlighting as a technicolor billboard for the LGBT movement.

It’s an uncanny obsession to make even pets, utterly indifferent to human sexuality, part of this never-ending carnival.

And let’s not forget Always, the feminine hygiene brand. 

They’ve purged the words’ girls’ and ‘daughters’ from their literature and released a pamphlet referring to women as “bodies with female sex organs.” Apparently, using five words to describe a woman is more straightforward than using just one.

What’s next? Describing tampons as “Absorbent Accessories for Your Bodies with Female Sex Organs.”

This isn’t progress. It’s a dehumanizing farce.

Similarly, The North Face has launched its “Summer of Pride” campaign, replete with a drag queen beckoning us to join them in nature. 

And instead of understanding the clear message of consumer backlash, they continue to endorse this campaign. They even had to push some Pride merchandise to the back of their stores to try and douse the public uproar. 

And then we have Kohl’s, force-feeding Pride propaganda onto infants. 

It’s a bizarre sight: onesies branded with “pride,” and shirts demanding, “Ask me my pronouns.” 

A pretty lofty expectation for a garment worn by a baby that’s still grappling with ‘mama,’ ‘dada,’ and the fascinating nature of their own toes.

If Kohl’s keeps it up, their next clothing line might be a line of toddler tuxedos for the infant who’s got a board meeting at three but a playdate at four.

Kohl’s used to be a family store, but not anymore. 

Corporate America has lost its bearings. 

This isn’t about inclusivity or diversity; it’s a concerted effort to normalize a specific worldview to an increasingly younger audience. 

The LGBT+ community insists the world must be their billboard, and they don’t care how many companies go broke as long as they can let you know who they poke


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