Parents under siege

Parents under siege
Fargo Parents Protest School's Gender Identity Secrecy

Caught in the Crossfire: The Parents Fighting for Their Rights in America’s Education System

If you’re looking for more head-shaking tales about our beloved American education system’s disregard for parental rights, then read on.

Picture this – in the conservative plains of North Dakota, parents are being dismissed by the Fargo Public School District as mere spectators in their children’s lives.

The egregious offense?

A policy deliberately designed to leave parents clueless about their children’s gender identities.

All of this is in the face of Governor Doug Burgum, a Republican, who recently signed into law a bill expressly prohibiting such underhanded tactics.

Dr. Rupak Gandhi, the lofty Fargo Superintendent, defiantly states he’d rather face the consequences of breaking the law than share crucial information with parents.

Not only does that sound arrogant on the surface, but it’s a gross infringement on the rights of parents. And is such defiance any surprise? Not at all. Democratic officials make it a habit to overlook or contravene laws they find inconvenient.

At a recent school board meeting, one brave father made an accusation that should make every public school administrator squirm, “Not only do you think you know my kids better than I do, you think you know every kid better than every parent does.”

It seems as though school officials are happy to turn themselves into Merrick Garland’s pawns, establishing an environment where the Department of Justice can conveniently label dissenting parents as domestic terrorists.

This total disregard for parental rights doesn’t end there.

Over in Maryland, parents are now forced to resort to legal action against their children’s school board.

Their transgression?

Secretly shoving “Pride” themed books into the hands of their unsuspecting kids with absolutely no parental consultation or consent.

It gets worse – the school board, in its infinite wisdom, even decreed parents have no right to opt their children out of this curriculum. How’s that for overreach?

One of these books, “Love, Violet”, for kindergarteners no less, is about girls falling in love with other girls. Another, “Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope,” teaches the same tender-aged children that girls can actually be boys.

It’s enough to make your head spin!

This gross overstep begs a simple question: What on Earth happened to parental rights?

Aren’t parents the most qualified to navigate their children through the complex intricacies of gender identity and human sexuality?

But don’t think we’re done yet.

Out in sunny California, a tempest is raging at a North Hollywood elementary school.

Righteous parents are planning to boycott “Rainbow Day,’’ a planned Pride event involving the reading of “The Great Big Book of Families,” a book showcasing an array of family types, including same-sex parents and LGBTQ+ relationships.

The rallying cry of parents? The preservation of their children’s innocence.

Their anger isn’t an attack on LGBTQ+ issues, per se. It’s a roar of defiance against the dictatorial overreach of an education system brazenly introducing these toxic topics without their consent.

Parents are unequivocally asserting that they, and only they, should have the right to choose when and how to introduce these delicate topics to their children.

Despite the school district’s insistence that LGBTQ+ discussions are commonplace, the question remains: is it not a gross violation of basic decency to sideline parents in such pivotal discussions about their own children?

At the heart of it all, it’s about parental rights and the respect they are due.

It’s about who should have the final say on the well-being of children: the parents who know them best and love them unconditionally or an impersonal bureaucracy that treats them as nothing more than data points for their liberal agendas.

Now you tell me, who should be in charge?


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