‘Die Slowly, Painfully,’ Wishes For Muslim Woman Not Wearing Hijab

A wave of abusive responses hit Muslim woman, Dina Torkia after she announced she would choose to wear a hijab occasionally when she wanted to. One response read, "I hope u and ur family all die painfully and slowly. Absolute disgrace." She has not announced yet if she will choose to wear a hijab on Feb. 1, World Hijab Day. (Instagram video still)

Voice of Europe – YouTube star and fashion blogger Dina Torkia received a wave of abusive and offensive comments on social media since she stopped wearing a hijab, the Daily Mail reports.

Dina, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, said she had made a “personal decision to wear it when I want to.” In a video called The Bad, The Worse And The Ugly, she reads the torrent of abuse she received from strangers on Facebook:

“be a porn star.” . . . “sick person mentally.” . . . “she’s not a Muslim anymore.” . . . “messed up.” . . . “made Islam look bad.” . . . “part-time Muslim.” . . . “you can’t just wear a hijab when you feel like it.”

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