‘Secret Effort’ To Oust Judge Roy Moore Hits The Washington Post

Sarcasm: Now that a team of four full-time journalists for the Washington Post has produced an extensive article on the sneaky tactics used against Judge Roy Moore in 2017, the public can finally rest assured the reports are true. (AL.com photo)

The Washington Post – A secret effort to influence the 2017 Senate election in Alabama used tactics inspired by Russian disinformation teams, including the creation of fake accounts to deliver misleading messages on Facebook to hundreds of thousands of voters to help elect Democrat Doug Jones in the deeply red state, according to a document obtained by The Washington Post.

But unlike the 2016 presidential campaign when Russians worked to help elect Donald Trump, the people behind the Alabama effort — dubbed Project Birmingham — were Americans. Now Democratic operatives and a research firm known to have had roles in Project Birmingham are distancing themselves from its most controversial tactics.

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