Drag Queen Story Hour canceled at elementary school due to ‘outside agitators’

Drag Queen story time at the Alvar library in New Orleans

An Ohio school canceled its “Drag Queen Story Hour,” and the school is blaming the cancellation on “outside agitators” who criticized the event on social media, according to NBC4 in Columbus.

Drag queen story-reading events have become a left-wing phenomenon across the nation in recent years, with many parents willingly placing their children under the care and influence of men who have a psychological need to dress up as flamboyant caricatures of women.

The Ohio event, scheduled for Tuesday at Clinton Elementary School in Columbus, was canceled after backlash from “outside” groups, according to school Principal Patricia Price.

Originally set up by the school’s PTA, the event was set to feature two local drag queens and raise money for the ALS Association Central and Southern Ohio Chapter.

Columbus City Schools said in a statement today, “This is a diverse school community who feels it is important to recognize and support people from all walks of life. It is unfortunate that outside agitators feel the need to influence what we do locally.”

Price told NBC4 over the phone that due to malicious messages sent to the school they elected to cancel for the safety of students and school personnel.

“It is important that we all work together to keep our children safe and our schools a welcoming environment that is conducive to learning and growth for everyone,” said Columbus City Schools in their statement.

People opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour events have been vocal on social media with one person posting the flier for Clinton Elementary’s event along with the Principal Price and School Board President Jennifer Adair’s phone numbers. The tweet said, “Get on the phones people!”

No one who opposed the event was quoted by NBC4.


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