Antifa thugs throw rocks at police, vandalize war memorial, jab civilians with umbrellas

Some individuals used spray pain to vandalize and deface a war memorial in Lownsdale Square Park with anti-police rhetoric

In Portland, Ore. the cure for a Ku Klux Klan rally turned out to be possibly worse than the disease.

Instead of white-robed white supremacists, people around Lownsdale Square Park in Portland got Antifa thugs vandalizing memorials, throwing concrete at police and jabbing bystanders with metal-tipped umbrellas.

Three people were arrested in the chaos after a KKK white supremacist rally was canceled and gave way to an Antifa demonstration, the Portland Tribune reports.

The paper had previously reported that a former Imperial Wizard from North Mississippi had announced the rally, but Portland police said the group — whom they have not officially identified as KKK — canceled the weekend event around 11 that morning.

The cancellation did not stop counter-protesters, including Antifa members, from arriving at the park ready for action.

Officers stayed on the perimeter of the event while things remained peaceful, but stepped in when members of the demonstration became belligerent.

“Some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner against attendees who were legally capturing photos and videos. Officers responded to address specific criminal acts,” authorities said in a statement.

They say demonstrators began using metal-tipped umbrellas to job at civilians and chase them down the street, as well as vandalizing nearby walls and a way memorial with spray paint.

The written messages included “Punch Cops,” “Kill Cops,” “All Cops are B——-,” and what appears to say “F— the KKK.”

One of those individuals was eventually arrested by police after he was chased down by officers on bikes.

At one point, authorities attempted to arrest a man who ran into the crowd. This led to a stand-off, chanting and the officers backing down, the Portland Tribune reported.


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