Facebook becomes more permissive toward racism against whites

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Facebook is doing its part to punish white and especially male Americans, updating its software to be much more rigorous with speech deemed unflattering to gays, non-whites and non-Christians than it is to anti-white sentiments.

Once neutral and treating all “hate speech” more or less equally, the company’s updated algorithm prioritizes anti-black comments for severity while making “hate speech” against whites the lowest priority.

Facebook’s new system for flagging certain speech, internally called the WoW Project, automatically deletes unflattering language directed at the LGBTQ community, Jews, Muslims and African Americans. These statements by users have been been dubbed by Facebook engineers the “worst of the worst” (WoW), according to the Washington Post.

The company will “score” hate speech and offensive posts, and remarks about “men,” “whites” and “Americans” will be marked as the least severe infractions, the report said. Users can still report harmful speech containing these words, but in the interest of punishing white male Americans the company will be less quick to act on it.

Mark Zuckerberg, who originally created Facebook as a way to rank the sexual attractiveness of college freshman girls, promised in July to crack down on hate speech amid alleged complaints by advertisers and “civil rights groups” that Facebook wasn’t doing enough to censor things they didn’t agree with.

The WoW Project will mean the social media company will delete about 10,000 fewer posts each day, according to the report.


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