Angel Mom accuses Facebook of Removing Posts on Crimes by Illegal Immigrants

Angel Mom, Mary Ann Mendoza, said Facebook removed her posts that citied crimes committed by illegal immigrants

Mary Ann Mendoza, an Arizona based founder of Angel Families, nicknamed “Angel Mom” claimed Facebook to have removed many posts that were about illegal immigrant crimes, citing hate speech. 

In 2014, Mendoza’s son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed in a car crash in Mesa, Arizona caused by the drunken driving of an illegal immigrant who was high on meth while speeding in the wrong direction on the highway. 

Mendoza claimed that Facebook notified her about the removal stating that it violated the rules on hate speech and went against their Community Standards. 

The removed posts highlighted and raised awareness about the multiple crimes committed by illegal immigrants. One of the posts was on beleaguered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment about the treatment of illegal immigrants on her visit to Guatemala. 

Angel Families was started by Mendoza to amplify the voices of people who had been affected by illegal immigrant crimes. She also claimed that Facebook did not allow her to do a fundraiser stating that it violated their Community Standards. 

A Facebook spokesperson, in an email response, stated that their Community Standards did not allow dehumanizing speech, including generalizations made on sexual and violent crimes. They further added that one of Angel Mom’s posts was erroneously removed, which was later restored.

Does Facebook realize the cost that illegal immigrants bear on America annually? The loss of Sgt. Brandon Mendoza to someone who should not have been here in the first place is tragic. 


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