Family gets hate mail after flying Trump flag

One Wisconsin family got some extra attention and a threatening letter after they added a Donald Trump flag to their holiday decorations.

It appears that some opponents of President Trump and his supporters could use training in the tolerance and “inclusiveness” that they so often preach.

In one Wisconsin neighborhood, a family’s addition of a Trump re-election flag to holiday decorations on their porch earned an extremely nasty, profane and of course anonymous letter.

When Helen Powers received the mailed message, she didn’t even have to open the envelope to know something hateful was inside.

Opening with a vulgar word, the first of many, the letter claimed to be from a neighbor.

“I see from your flag outside you hate America and will do anything to kill it,” the letter read, referring to the flag Powers had put up the day before.

The letter continued by telling the family they should go back where they came from, and where the sender claims that is couldn’t be printed.

It also speaks of the family’s “Nazi friends,” and ends with “Get the ‘expletive’ out.”

“It’s terrible how things change,” Powers said.

Sheboygan police told FOX 6 they are investigating the incident, but it is not clear if the anonymous author committed a crime. In any case, the Powers family say the letter and its author crossed a line.

“I would say everybody’s gone way too far, way over the edge, that’s for sure,” Glenn Powers said.

The Trump flag still flies outside the Powers’ home. They said they refuse to take it down and are taking extra precautions to protect themselves, choosing to stand by their beliefs and their candidate no matter what their anonymous “neighbor” has to say. Police officers who patrol the neighborhood are aware of the situation.


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