Father loses landmark case on abortion

Ryan Magers sued an Alabama abortion clinic over the wrongful death of his child

Martin Mawyer – Opinion

It’s rarely talked about or debated.  And until nineteen-year-old Ryan Magers sued an Alabama abortion clinic, it had never been brought into court.

I’m talking about a father’s right to save the life of his unborn child.

Last Friday, a Madison County Circuit Court in Alabama dismissed the lawsuit brought by Magers, known as “Baby Roe,” who sued the Women’s Center in Huntsville for the wrongful death of his child.

The unidentified mother was given a pill by the abortion clinic that caused her to miscarry after six weeks.

“I’m here for the men who actually want to have their baby,” Magers said earlier this year.

It’s been two years since his girlfriend aborted their baby.

“It was just like my whole world fell apart,” he lamented.

Circuit Judge Chris Comer did not ease Magers’ pain when he dismissed the lawsuit, saying the father failed to prove that anything illegal had happened at the abortion clinic.

The ruling didn’t come as a surprise, especially since the judge had previously stated in July, “The impact of that would be chaos.”

Magers’ attorneys are now considering their next steps.

Circuit Judge Chris Comer said the impact of ruling in favor of Ryan Magers would result in “chaos.”

It’s difficult to comprehend anyone wanting to kill his or her own child.  News of a pregnancy is generally greeted with great enthusiasm, celebration and lots of frantic phone calls, in a good way.

The mother is excited. The father is excited.  A new life has been created and an emotional bond — like none other — is naturally affixed.

Losing that baby, for any reason, is heartbreak.  The agony doesn’t go away for the father simply because the mother doesn’t want the child and decides to kill the baby.

No empathy is given to the father in cases of abortion. It matters not what he thinks or feels. His impending pain and grief is as rapidly dismissed as the life of the helpless baby (whose opinion is also disregarded). The father has no rights. No say. No legal recourse.

The baby is half his, but he has more legal rights over the disposal of a wedding ring from a broken engagement than his unborn child.  Eight states have laws requiring a woman to return an engagement ring if the marriage does not occur.

Most states have laws that consider pets as mutual property in a marriage, but not for an unborn child.  That baby, and its future (or lack thereof), rests solely in the hands of the mother.

It’s callous, cruel and inhumane to deprive a father of his child because the mother wants to dispose of it, treat it like trash, and think of it as having no more value than cheap goldfish.

Judges, liberals, feminists — and even mothers — that can be so heartless as to dismiss a father’s love for his child, and the bereavement he will suffer when that child is unnecessarily killed, are people whose heart is as dead as they babies they are mercilessly killing.

We are commanded by God to “be fruitful and multiply.” (Gen. 1:22)  Nowhere in the Bible does it say to kill those you don’t want.


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