Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi’s Law Against Abortion

Federal Judge Carlton Reeves blocked another law that would ban killing in-utero people, this time the new law would set the mark at whether they have a detectable heartbeat proving human life.

The Daily Mail – A federal judge temporarily blocked a Mississippi law that would ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. US District Judge Carlton Reeves issued an order to stop the law, which was passed in March, from taking effect on July 1.

He heard arguments from attorneys for the state’s only abortion clinic, who said the law would effectively eliminate all abortions in the state because cardiac activity is often first detectable around six weeks, when many women may not know they are pregnant.

“Here we go again,” Judge Reeves wrote in his opinion. “Mississippi has passed another law banning abortions prior to viability,” adding it “prevents a woman’s free choice.”

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