Fisher-Price introduces ‘drag queen dolls’ to inspire children to become transgender

Fisher-Price Introduces LGBT Drag Queen Dolls

Not long after the Walt Disney Co. was forced to acknowledge an active alliance with child sex groomers, the same kind of unflattering information is emerging about children’s toy manufacturer Mattel and its Fisher-Price brand.

Homosexual activism at the toy company has given rise to new plastic figures that include the “drag queen” RuPaul, reports WGN TV in Chicago.

The Fisher-Price Little People Collector figurines, launched in 2019, are of pop-culture icons and entertainers. The brand’s latest trio of figurines includes a crudely rendered RuPaul both in and out of women’s clothing.

The goal appears to be prying children away from any parental guidance and turning them sexually queer and thus sexually available for older queers.

“The figure pack honors RuPaul’s efforts to inspire people young and old to be true to themselves,” was how Mattel put it in a press release, apparently eager to mingle children’s toy marketing with homosexual culture.

The product’s packaging describes the toys as being appropriate for ages 1-101, which seems cute and clever until one imagines a 1-year-old child being conditioned to cross-dressing, deviant sexuality and transgenderism.

The timing of the dolls is unfortunate for Mattel, as people across the nation revolt against gay books in school libraries, gay teachers and curricula and those who support both, gay comic book characters, gay movie characters, and gays and transgenders posting neurotic, self-obsessed rants on services like TikTok. Bills to bar references to LGBTQ subjects in elementary school classrooms are advancing in several state legislatures.

The homosexual preoccupation with the youngest students and consumers has quickly earned the label of “grooming,” and it is starting to stick.

Mattel’s own version of it, directed at a child who might buy one of its toys, reads: “Don’t be afraid to become the image of your own imagination — it inspires others to do the same.”


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