Taco Bell’s ‘Drag Brunch experience’ will ‘inspire the next generation of American leaders’

Taco Bell/ Facebook

Taco Bell has something for you to think about while you’re munching your taco and your refried beans:

Big hairy men in dresses and makeup!

The much-joked-about fast-Mexican-food chain has announced a new “Drag Brunch” campaign ostensibly to promote mental health awareness for LGBT people and invite Taco Bell customers in select cities to watch drag performances while they eat, according to The Christian Post.

If this seems like something close to insane, hopefully, the Taco Bell Foundation’s vow to “educate and inspire the next generation of America’s leaders” will restore confidence.

Each mouthwatering show is hosted by drag performer Kay Sedia and features performances from local drag figures. People need to be 18 and up to attend.

In addition to the drag show, the Mexican fast-food chain is offering attendees a new $5 Bell Breakfast Box, Cinnabon Delights coffee, and mimosas.

Every performance is also intended to highlight the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit that exists to “empower” LGBT people around the globe. The group’s work includes educating others about the LGBT experience and “sparking” conversations about gayness.

I.e., recruiting more homosexuals.

“We understand the importance of creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community and are thrilled to provide a unique experience that spotlights and celebrates the wonderful art form of drag and its influence on culture with their chosen families,” said Taco Bell Chief Brand Officer Sean Tresvant in a statement.

Where will he work next?

Except that the idea for the drag brunch came from a Taco Bell LGBT “employee resource” group, Live Más Pride, which has over 100 members.

Because it’s so great to know that your food workers have a club based on sex practices.


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