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Before I get into my latest outrage, I want to start by asking you to sign my online petition, Free Speech Matters.  You can find that link at the bottom of this video.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention to the news, I’m sure your jaw has been dropping, just like mine.

(0.17) Take for instance the man and woman who were arrested in early July after painting over a Black Lives Matter mural in front of a county courthouse in Contra Costa County, California.

Those two individuals, David Nelson and Nicole Anderson, were charged with three counts of misdemeanor, including – incredibly – a hate crime charge.

David Nelson and Nicole Anderson were charged with a hate crime for painting over a BLM street mural.

So now were’ going to start charging people with a hate crime for insulting a paved street?  A piece of asphalt? A road that already has people driving over it and leaving skid marks?

No one was injured here. No person was insulted. No individual can claim they were attacked.

It’s not exactly as if that piece of asphalt gave its permission to have Black Lives Matter painted on it to begin with.

Look, let’s make something clear. Painting the words Black Lives Matter on a public street is purely a political message — it’s a message in support of communism, socialism, defunding the police and tearing down the American system.

To charge this couple for committing a hate crime, because they defaced a piece of pavement, would be like charging a young boy with a sex crime for taking the clothes off of a Barbie doll.

And the liberal hypocrisy? Take a look at this!

(1:35) Here is a a black man attacking a white manager at a Macy’s department Store in Flint, Michigan.

The alleged attacker, Damire Palmer, pummeled the 50-year-old manager for no other apparent reason than because he was white. 

But Palmer isn’t facing a hate crime charge. So why not? That store manager wasn’t made of asphalt, tar or concrete. He had real flesh, real bones and he had real blood.  He had feelings and he could feel real pain.

Now here’s what makes my jaw drop.

Who hasn’t seen Black Lives Matter protesters vandalizing, defacing, toppling, burning, hacking, destroying, gouging – and even LYNCHING statues — of white people all across this country?

Have any, ANY, of them ever been charged with a hate crime?  Of course not.  Not a single case.

In fact, hardly any of these reckless, borderline terrorist protesters, have even been charged with a simple misdemeanor. They’re not being hunted down. Liberal city officials aren’t threatening to arrest them.  And uttering the words “hate crime” when it comes to those who commit acts of violence against white people, that’s poisonous to their lips, as poisoning as saying “All Lives Matter.”

After the Columbus statue was toppled in Baltimore, Md Nancy Pelosi said “people will do what they do.”

(3:00) In fact, when a statue of the white, Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, was violently toppled in Baltimore, MD and then dragged across the street and rolled into the Inner Harbor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t accuse these vandals of committing any crime at all, much less a hate crime.

She dismissed this act of terrorism as nothing more than “people will do what they do.”

She thinks we’re all stupid, dumb and brainless and we can’t see the double standard here.

Somehow, if left-wing, anarchists use violence, burning, carnage and destruction to exercise their Free Speech rights – well, that’s just “people doing what they do.”

But if people fight back, and let’s say deface a piece of pavement, that’s not only a criminal act — which it should be — but a hate crime to boot.

(3:50) Here’s a perfect example of the playing field being rigged, stacked, favored and fixed for the Black Lives Matter movement:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said in July that all large gatherings – whether they are parades, celebrations, events or protests – will not get a permit in New York City through September 30, 2020.

That’s no permit, UNLESS, you’re applying for a Black Lives Matter protest.

(4:16) But let’s take a look at the political views of Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter want to defund the police, topple historical statues, throw Molotov cocktails at police, paint your city streets with Black Lives Matter murals, set up autonomous zones, burn the American flag, establish police-free school zones, abolish future construction of jails, set prisoners free, bring down “white capitalism” and, if they don’t get what they want…

…they promise they “will burn the system down,” so says the president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter, Hawk Newsome.

BLM goals range from defunding the police to ending white capitalism and if they don’t get what they want they threaten to burn down the system.

So this guy, Hawk Newsome, he is allowed to organize a protest, march up and down the streets of New York City and use a bullhorn to threaten to burn the American system down…

…but those New Yorkers who want to organize a different opinion, will have to stay home, stay off the streets and stay out of sight.

And these free speech infringements are not just happening in California and New York City.

They are happening throughout the country.

(5:26) People who step out of bounds with the “cancel culture” are being fired from their jobs, denied promotions, being spat on, beat up, assaulted and forced to undergo state-sponsored, mind-altering, reeducation classes…classes that conjure up memories of Malcolm McDowell in the classic 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange, where McDowell’s lead character, Alex, is forced to sit through aversion therapy tactics in order to mold him into that perfect citizen.

And, yes, it’s happening right here in America.

The City of Seattle recently forced white staffers to sit through a class called, and are you ready for it? “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.” That’s a mouthful of words that simply means: “Get Rid of Your Whiteness.”

Free Speech Matters to all of us, not just to the looney left, the radical anarchists, the Black Lives Matter movement or the Bill de Blasio’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world.

Trump said Americans need to “toughen up” against a “cultural revolution” designed to “overthrow the American Revolution.”

(6:24) On July 4th of this year, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, took to the footsteps of Mount Rushmore and told Americans we need to “toughen up.”

Trump said our “beloved American way of life” is being threatened by a cancel culture that demands “absolute allegiance.”

“If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished.” (President Trump)

And he included this dire warning, this ominous prediction:

(7:02) “Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.”

I’m sure Free Speech Matters to you.  And we all need to toughen up.  So please join me in signing our Free Speech Matters Petition to President Trump.  You can find the link just below this video.

And subscribe to our channel and stay updated and informed on how America can fight back against this counter revolution that threatens to overthrow the American Revolution.


  1. the left has completely taken over our free speech rights and illegally going against the constitution, lA and 2A , they need to be stopped. time for us patriots to rise up and take back our country. antifa and BLM are terrorist org. and need to be rounded up and thrown in prison

  2. It does to me! More than enough info on BLM to show they are a Marxist Group and even that black lives don’t really matter to BLM! How SAD!

  3. My hero is a Black Christian woman named Bevelyn Beatty. She painted over the BLM street graffiti in NYC. She wore a T shirt with the words Jesus Matters and was yelling “Refund the Police” ! I love her courage and I would love to see a protest March with her leading it. She’s a warrior!


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