LGBTQ Propaganda Slated for Public Schools’ ‘Anti-Bullying’ Program

Many children are misled into procedures in pursuit of fraudulent beliefs that one can become their opposite sex. This transgender ideology puts them on hormone inhibitors, chemical and medical castration and reversion surgeries. The future will reveal the horrific impacts when many castrated and mutilated youth become adults. (Entertainment Tonight photo)

An association of Christian moms is warning families that an anti-bullying initiative promoted in schools, slated for April 19, is actually indoctrinating students for homosexual and trans-sexual ideology.

The initiative is offered under the banner of “Day of Silence,” and it is marketed as if a positive and caring educational cause to build better community awareness about the harmful effects of bullying.

Many school districts are releasing the initiative as part of required sex-education content approved by school administrators and boards for mandatory district-wide implementation.

However, the boards, administrators and teachers are keeping parents from knowing what the real agenda is behind this innocuous-sounding “anti-bullying” program.

According to Mommy Underground founder and editor Jennifer Roberts, more activists are needed to expose this and other programs, so we can work to protect Christian families, our kids, from deception.

Roberts said that the actual agenda of “Day of Silence” is to indoctrinate for and promote ideological beliefs of “gender fluidity” and other so-called LGBTQ advocacy beliefs.

Diversity is the charade by which predators lure children into the sad world of transgender ideology. Efforts to expose the lies are called “bullying” no matter how kind and loving one may be in urging against these harms. (Getty Images photo)

The goal is for more students, children and other minors, to talk about sexuality in terms of “gender-fluid” opportunities for sexual activity, and to possibly become homosexuals or so-called transgender.

“Once you find out about the national effort to corrupt and confuse young children, you’re bound to be outraged,” Roberts said in a released statement.

“The ‘Day of Silence’ event is nationally scheduled for the third Friday in April and is being put on by GLSEN, once referred to as the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, and it is encouraging children as young as 5-years-old to help organize the event at their school.”

Roberts added that the national effort’s potential is nothing short of a recruitment tool for sexual predators hungry for young victims.

“Can you imagine how confusing this is to a child?” Roberts said. “They are being brainwashed into believing that being LGBT is okay, and that this group of children should have special rights.

“This event attempts to portray children who claim to be transgender or homosexual as victims who are being bullied by the conservative or Christian population,” she added.

Some conservatives have even rallied together to organize a walkout to fight back.

– Jennifer Roberts

According to Roberts, she is personally knowledgeable of instances where Christian kids are punished for adding scriptural references to rainbow-themed event-related art projects.

The school leaders were welcoming of the pro-homosexual, pro-transgender messaging, but rejected and punished any mention of scripture or Biblical themes.

“This double standard is striking,” Roberts said. “Many leftist schools endorse the event with open arms, and they are happy to usher in the event.”

Roberts noted further that if there is resistance, pro-homosexual websites list many responses and coordinated affiliations to contact in order to push the pro-homosexual events through.

“And should a school still object, kids are still told they can still partake in the expressions of their opinion during breaks and join in the national efforts,” Roberts said.

“They are even giving kids a letter from the ACLU and offering to provide legal help for schools that still refuse,” she added.

“Some moms have had enough of the pro-LGBT lies being forced down the throats of their children, and in fact, some conservatives have even rallied together to organize a walkout to fight back.”

Roberts said parents should be aggressive about inquiring whether these or similar events are taking place or are scheduled.

“Moms, check with your child’s school to see if this event is taking place,” Roberts said. “The ‘Day of Silence’ event is nationally scheduled for the third Friday in April, but each school could handle it differently.”

In other words, this outrage could run on a different-scheduled day.


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