Life of a liberal composer is insanely destroyed after criticizing BLM riots

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What’s one thing leftists and liberals hate more than conservatives freely voicing conservative thoughts?

It’s self-described “liberals” liberals doing it.

A Nashville composer says his career in in ruins and his life in turmoil after his social media post condemning arson by protesters in the wake of George Floyd’s death got him branded a racist.

Daniel Elder, 34, told Reason that he was suicidal after his publisher backed out on him, the music business shunned him and “friends” and colleagues cut ties with him for voicing rational thoughts about criminal destruction of property.

Elder identifies himself as “center-left,” and the center is a perilous place to hang out these days. His music publisher, GIA Publications, dictated an apology for him to use when retracting his comment, but Elder refused to back down. The publisher of religious choral and instrumental music then cut ties with Elder and even trashed him on social media.

Elder’s post denounced the vandalism and arson of a local courthouse by protesters inflamed by Floyd’s death.

Nashville was one of numerous cities where Black Lives Matter activists marched after Floyd’s demise in the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department, and video from social media shows one woman setting fire to the historic Nashville courthouse.

“Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people,” Elder wrote mildly on his Facebook and Twitter pages, not knowing he was irrevocably isolating himself from his entire liberal social circle.

Music publisher GIA Publications, in response to Elder’s comments, wrote on their Facebook  page:

“The views expressed in composer Daniel Elder’s incendiary social media post on Sunday evening do not reflect the values of GIA or our employees. GIA opposes racism in all its forms and is committed to do what Michelle Obama called “the honest, uncomfortable work of rooting it out”.

Elder said that since that time, he has had trouble finding employment, stating that even local choir directors will not let him sing with them.

The music composer says he has now deleted all his social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Elder told Reason, “Because I was exiled, I started listening to voices on the right and the center, especially these classical liberals who have been exiled from the leftist movement.”

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