Biden has a reason for putting his Ministry of Truth department inside Homeland Security

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots:

Ministry of Truth is located INSIDE a law enforcement agency for a reason

After reading the news, do you ever feel like checking your driver’s license to make sure you’re still living in the United States?

That’s exactly how I felt in mid-April when I woke up to this astounding news:

The Department of Homeland Security Has Formed A ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis immediately branded this dystopian-sounding board, “The Ministry of Truth.”

Whatever it’s called, we know that it is a federal agency formed to monitor AND correct what Americans read, write or say!

We might expect totalitarian countries to establish such a censorship board.

But when did America become a nation of gag orders with thought-control police ready to slap down non-government sanctioned speech?

I almost fell off my chair when I heard Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas make the highly dubious claim this department will have no power.

Law enforcement never forms a department with no power, and Homeland Security is the most powerful law enforcement agency in the country!

At Shout Out Patriots, we discuss the sinister reason for putting this board inside a law enforcement department:

They want to operate in secret!!!

As you know, law enforcement has special privileges that allow them to keep their activities and research confidential.

They do it all the time. They are famous for telling reporters and citizens that the information they are seeking is protected due to ongoing investigations.

Putting this censorship board INSIDE Homeland Security is not by accident. It’s by design.

Biden wants to keep his research confidential. Label his investigations private. And employ government staffers in complete secrecy.

We may never know what’s going on behind the closed doors of this Disinformation Governance Board!

But hopefully, it will be abolished before we need to know.

‘The president’s Ministry of truth is an un-American abuse of power,” said House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy.

We couldn’t agree with him more. Now we can only hope and pray he pushes through legislation to defund it.

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Martin Mawyer, President

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