New Jersey Goes ‘Gender-Neutral’ For Birth Certificates

WE CAN'T TELL the difference between a boy and a girl. Advocates of New Jersey's non-binary identification/birth certificates law say that sex is more like a label, an assignment by a doctor, but gender identity says that it’s how one feels on the inside, how they express themselves. (Twitter photo)

The Daily Mail – Parents in New Jersey will be able to register their child as gender-neutral starting Feb. 1. A new law gives parents the option of choosing a gender-neutral or non-binary identity on their child’s birth certificate, in addition to male and female.

The change makes it easier for non-binary and transgender people to change their birth certificates to affirm their gender identity later. Problems can occur when a child’s birth gender doesn’t match their gender identity.

Though New Jersey has laws that require schools to treat students by their preferred gender, they still face discrimination, bullying and harassment. Non-binary people don’t identify as male or female.

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