Nike fires employee of 26 years for refusing to upload proof of vaccination to a third party

Nike/ Facebook

There was a time in the United States of America, before the Imams of COVID took over the government, when one’s health care information was private.

Now a vaccinated employee of Nike, the “Do The Right Thing” sportswear and equipment titan, reportedly says he was terminated for refusing to upload proof of COVID vaccination to a third-party verification service being used by his employer.

The Oregonian reported that Dex Briggs, 53, a marketing manager at Nike’s headquarters in Portland, was sacked in December for not following the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Briggs said he became alarmed at the policy that required staffers to hand over vaccine information to another company. He would have shown it to Nike, he said, but the third party concerned him.

“ … I’m not willing to give my personal information to this (outside) company, and any other company they want to share it with, without even telling me who they are,” Briggs reportedly said.

Briggs stated that he and his wife had previously been victims of identity theft and were wary of giving out personal information indiscriminately. He said he finds it frustrating that his actual vaccine card does not qualify as proof of vaccination.

“What are they trying to accomplish with this policy? That should be all that matters,” he said. “Why is the policy so, I don’t know, so restrictive?”

Briggs’ LinkedIn profile indicates he has worked at Nike for more than two decades.

The mega-company declared late last year that its corporate employees are now required to be vaccinated. Employees who missed the deadline to verify their status started getting fired last month.


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