Ohio city named after Columbus removes its Columbus statue

A giant statue of Christopher Columbus has been removed in Columbus, Ohio after city Mayor Andrew Ginther claimed it was a symbol of 'patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness'.

As statue-phobia continues to grip the Left, a city in Ohio has gone so far as to remove the statue of the man for which it was named.

A giant statue of Christopher Columbus that had been oppressing the city of Columbus was removed after Mayor Andrew Ginther claimed it was a symbol of “patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness.”

Those who liked or appreciated the statue will just have to get over it. It was a gift from the city of Genoa, Italy – birthplace of Columbus, and has stood outside City Hall for 65 years.

On July 1 workers took three hours to remove the monument. Men in hard hats were seen climbing the 20-foot statue early in the morning, before it was placed on a truck and taken to a storage facility.

The mayor’s unilateral order to remove the Columbus statue has caused outrage, particularly among the city’s Italian community, who say they are “flabbergasted” by the move.

“There’s definitely far too much pride to just throw it away,” said Joseph Contino, an second generation Italian-American and the Public Relations Chairman of the Columbus Piave Club, to FOX 8 . “I mean you need to ask us our opinion. You can’t just speak for us or not speak at all to us. I’m a little flabbergasted, a little surprised by it.”

It comes as many statues of historical figures have been removed, vandalized and destroyed across the country in recent weeks during media-inflamed “protests” in the name of ending racism.

While Columbus explored the Central and South American coasts during the late 15th century, he never set foot in North America. However, the Italian-born explorer became an important symbol for Italian- Americans who emigrated to the US during the early 20th century, where they faced widespread ethnic and religious persecution.


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