N.J. governor ditches Woodrow Wilson’s racist desk

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy ditching Woodrow Wilson’s desk

The insane Roman emperor Caligula made his horse a senator.

Now the Democratic governor of New Jersey has fired … his desk.

For being racist.

Gov. Phil Murphy has announced he will no longer use President Woodrow Wilson’s desk at his office in Trenton because Wilson supported racist policies, reports the New York Post.

“The country is having a reckoning and Woodrow Wilson, and his legacy is being swept up in that, as it should be,” Murphy said during a June 29 press conference.

Also, office desks are apparently hard to come by in New Jersey.

“As soon as I could get a replacement, which was not as easy as I thought, I got one and I think that was the right thing to do,” Murphy also said, according to CNN.

Murphy had recently tweeted a photo of himself paying tribute to George Floyd from behind the desk engraved with Wilson’s name. His attempt to signal virtue only brought him more trouble, as the photo brought harsh criticism from people even more virtuous than he.

Wilson served as New Jersey’s governor before being elected president in 1913. He was a backer of segregation and supported the racial division of some federal agencies while in the White House.

A possible explanation for Murphy’s bizarre decision is that Princeton University — of which Wilson served as president before running for New Jersey governor — recently announced it would remove Wilson’s name from its public policy institute.


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