Satanic Planet to Perform Inside the Indiana Statehouse

The Satanic Planet is scheduled to perform inside the Indiana Statehouse on September 28.

In a blatant disregard for the sanctity of our nation’s institutions, the Indiana Statehouse has succumbed to the pressures of the Satanic Temple, a group based in Salem, Massachusetts.

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The Satanic Temple, best known for trying to establish After School Satan Clubs in elementary schools, is an organization more focused on sowing discord than fostering any genuine religious discourse.

The group’s musical band, known as the “Satanic Planet,” has secured a spot to perform inside the Indiana Statehouse on September 28 for an hour at noon.

The band’s music is often offensive and provocative. Their songs contain lyrics about Satan, drugs, and sex – the type of music inappropriate for young visitors to a government building.

The Satanic Temple is clearly taking advantage of the Statehouse’s welcoming of Sean Feucht, a man who has been a beacon of hope and spiritual guidance during these trying times.

On May 7, Feucht entered the Statehouse and prayed over Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch.

Feucht, who has even graced the Oval Office with his prayers, had initially planned an outdoor event, but thanks to the gracious intervention of Crouch, it was moved indoors to shield attendees from inclement weather.

But it seems the Satanic Temple was lurking in the shadows, ready to exploit the situation to further their own nefarious agenda.

Their leader, Lucien Greaves, who has a penchant for stirring controversy, accused Feucht of having a theocratic approach, which seems more fitting for Greaves’ actions.

Being an opportunist, Greaves demanded the same privileges as Feucht, twisting the narrative to suit his own devilish agenda.

And now, after a series of manipulative tactics and legal threats, the Indiana Department of Administration has bowed down to the pressure, granting this band a platform to spread their corrosive ideology, free of charge, no less.

Allowing a band like Satanic Planet to perform there sends the message that the state does not respect the religious beliefs of many of its citizens.

While Feucht’s event was a genuine effort to uplift the community, this upcoming performance seems like nothing more than a political stunt to mock and undermine the Christian faith.

Protesters have planned to gather outside the Statehouse on the day of the performance.


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