Schools Push to End Opt-out From Islamic Indoctrination

The religious education of children now includes Islamic indoctrination and taking students to area mosques for proselytism purposes, making numerous parents alarmed enough to opt their children out. Educators are upset and want the indoctrination to be mandatory. (Breitbart photo)

Independent – Parents should not be allowed to selectively remove their children from religious education lessons, headteachers say, as study reveals many such requests target the teaching of Islam.

More than two in five school leaders and religious education teachers received requests for students to be withdrawn from teaching about one religion, research from Liverpool Hope University revealed. Islam is the dominant focus of these parental withdrawal requests, according to the study of 450 school leaders and religious education heads.

One participant who received requests for children to be withdrawn from mosque visits said, “The students that have been removed are the ones that need to understand different cultures the most.”

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